Grid Development - G.E.O.S. shapes the future of energy supply

The extra-high voltage grid is the backbone of the energy supply - only with its help power providers are able to ensure the electricity they generate reaches consumers reliably. In particular, electricity from renewables, as generated in offshore wind farms in the North and Baltic Seas, is a particular challenge for grid operators: Large amounts of electricity have to be brought ashore and transported over long distances with the help of extra-high voltage route corridors with as little loss as possible. Such extra-high-voltage direct-current transmission lines (HVDC lines), so-called electricity highways, such as the NordLink or the SuedOstLink, run partly above ground, but to a large extent also underground. The construction of these important transmission lines therefore requires organizational skills and planning know-how.

As a reliable partner, G.E.O.S. supports numerous major projects in the planning of HVDC transmission lines: Before the start of the project, the subsoil surveys provide the necessary information about the nature of the seabed and its geological structure. After the start of the project, we pave the way for the construction of the transmission lines in all planning phases: from support in the approval process to obtain building permits in compliance with the respective ecological standards to fine routing to determine the exact locations of the lines and pylons. During the realisation of the projects, our HSE managers and OHS coordinators ensure compliance with all safety regulations during construction.

G.E.O.S. provides the basis for extensive large-scale network expansion projects and walks the path to the future together with you.


Your contact person for Grid Development
Jan Richter
+49 (0)3731 369-289
Your contact person for Grid Development/Power Route Planning
Matthias Mundt
+49 (0)172 3741800
Your contact person for Grid Development/Approval Procedures
Antje Homilius
+49 (0)3731 369-304

We lay the foundations for extensive grid development projects and shape the future of energy supply together with you.