A glance at geothermy: G.E.O.S. provides insights

In the webinar series FOCUS GEOTHERMIE, G.E.O.S. provides insights into exploration risks from a technical and geological point of view.

G.E.O.S. was invited by the Enerchange Agency for Renewable Energies to participate in the webinar series FOCUS ENERGIE on the information portal "Deep Geothermal Energy". In the webinar, Dr René Kahnt spoke about exploration risks from a technical and geological perspective.

In the presentation, the approach for POS assessments developed by G.E.O.S. as part of the GEOFÜND research project was outlined and differences to other methods were highlighted. These are, above all, the clear differentiation between technical and geological factors contributing to the exploration risk, the systematic calculation of distribution functions for thermal and electrical power, and the inclusion of the interaction with adjacent wells. Based on this, the correlation of exploratory well investigations with test evaluation is explained. In this context, the borehole simulator G.E.O.S.I.M. developed by G.E.O.S was presented. With this software, both POS assessments and test evaluations with standardised approaches are possible.