AL.VIS / Objects for the data management of the Wismut remediation objects

G.E.O.S. delivers and installs a new version of the AL.VIS/Objects software for Wismut GmbH

Information system is put into operation as part of the uranium mine rehabilitation project - users trained in the software in Tashkent


The geoinformatics department of the G.E.O.S. branch WISUTEC has delivered and installed a new version of the AL.VIS/Objects software as part of the long-term support of the Wismut environmental information system. With the new version, the management of data and information on all remediation objects of Wismut GmbH has been put on a future-proof basis.

The new version is characterised by a high degree of flexibility in the design of the object hierarchies and the structuring of the search pages. AL.VIS/Objects is used in the Wismut information system to bring together all important information on rehabilitation activities at the sites in Saxony and in Thuringia. Information on the remediation object, the licensing situation and the results of environmental measurements as well as photos and documents are presented to the user promptly and concisely.

In future, this software will also be used to manage important information, documents and digital maps for mining damage analysis, custody and claims settlement.