An insight into around 40 million years of the earth's past

G.E.O.S. analyses drill cores from the Altenburg region

The G.E.O.S. team is currently investigating drill cores from the Rositz area in the "Altenburger Land". Since the underground mining of lignite in the 17th to the 19th century, there have been recurrent cave-ins. With three boreholes of up to 57 metres drilling depth each, geotechnical information and soil physical parameters are obtained by means of laboratory tests at G.E.O.S..



The LMBV has commissioned G.E.O.S. with the mining damage analysis incl. risk assessment for the former deep lignite mining pits No. 113 "ROSITZER WERKE" near Rositz and No. 133 "HEUREKA" near Meuselwitz. Based on the results of the investigations, numerical cave-in simulations and a risk assessment of the cave-in hazard for the area around Rositz are carried out.

The first results of the investigations are already available with the geological description of the investigation area: The overburden at risk of collapse is composed of fluviatile gravels and sands, marine and lagoonal clays and subordinate limnic-telmatic lignites. It covers almost 40 million years of earth history from the Eocene to the Oligocene.