Another milestone for the energy transition

Grid operator TenneT puts 2 of 4 sections in the Wahle-Mecklar project into operation - G.E.O.S. was responsible for the health and safety supervision at the construction site

The first two sections of the Wahle Mecklar 380 kV grid expansion project were put into operation by grid operator TenneT on 29 September 2022. Electricity generated from wind power can now run on the first 105 of a total of 230 line kilometres.


Pilot project with special safety requirements

The project is one of a series of pilot projects in which AC cables are laid underground. On some stretches as a test, the power cables are being pulled through pipes which have been laid in the ground. This is the longest AC underground cable section at extra-high voltage level to date. On this test section as well as on the section between the Lesse grid connection point and the Holle grid connection point, G.E.O.S. took care of the health and safety of the employees working on construction site section A. In addition to the classical civil engineering, G.E.O.S. was also responsible for the health and safety of the employees working on this section. In this process, especially the new technologies for the laying of conduits, into which the cable was then pulled, had also to be supervised by the G.E.O.S. team.


G.E.O.S. monitors health and safety on the construction site

During the construction period of about 3 years, a health and safety coordinator (SiGeKo) appointed by G.E.O.S. as well as a safety supervisor (FaSi) monitored the work from the first cut of the spade until the completion of the work, i.e. up to the functional test of the cable systems. This included, among other things, advising the client and taking preliminary construction measures to avoid hazards and accidents, developing a rescue concept and a Health and Safety Plan, coordinating with authorities, checking the specified safety concepts and providing training for all employees and contractors.

In addition to the safeguarding of the pilot procedures and the use of a cable plough as well as a TrenchBox, special challenges were the safety monitoring of the interfaces between the overhead lines, the cable connection points as well as the earthworks and cable construction and other ancillary trades.


Successful partnership

G.E.O.S. has been supporting the grid operator TenneT in the development of the grid expansion in the German North Sea for several years. Among other things, G.E.O.S. has been entrusted with planning and project management services on sections of the NordLink, BorWin 6, BalWin 1 and 2, HelWin 1 and 2 and SylWin 1 projects, thus helping to strengthen the German power grid with green electricity.