G.E.O.S. ensures health and safety on power line construction sites

High safety standards at G.E.O.S. - HSE management on construction sites of large energy infrastructure projects in the context of the energy transition

The HSE specialists at G.E.O.S. are not only concerned with the occupational health and safety of their own workforce on the World Day for Health and Safety at Work on 28 April 2023. Occupational health and safety is also a top priority for G.E.O.S. employees on construction sites, for example on those of large energy infrastructure projects in the context of the energy transition - all year round, every day and every minute.


HSE management as part of the energy transition

G.E.O.S. coordinates the health and safety of the various trades on the construction sites of leading grid operators for the onshore transport of offshore wind power. In the process, the trained HSE officers and occupational health and safety specialists look after the health and safety of the employees and contractors working on the construction sites.

The HSE specialists supervise the work from the first cut of the spade to the last functional test of the installed cable systems. In this process, G.E.O.S. advises its clients on preventive measures to avoid hazards and accidents. In addition, rescue plans and health and safety plans are produced, coordination with authorities and institutions must take place, mandatory safety plans must be reviewed and the employees of the companies carrying out the work receive safety training before construction starts.




Great success with top safety - SCL certificate for G.E.O.S.


G.E.O.S. successfully passed the Safety Culture Ladder (SCL) audit at the beginning of 2023 and was awarded the SCL Level 3 certificate. The certificate confirms G.E.O.S. to pay special attention to safety at work in all work levels and organisational areas of the company and as a contractor on construction sites.