G.E.O.S. helps with coastal protection at the Baltic Sea

G.E.O.S. experts monitor sand extraction for beach nourishment to reinforce dunes in the Lubmin area

Safety measures in the form of dune reinforcements were necessary as part of coastal protection on the Baltic Sea in the Lubmin area. On behalf of the State Office for Agriculture and the Environment of Central Mecklenburg, G.E.O.S. took over the necessary and required geological construction supervision on board the dredging vessel at the end of 2020.

The sand required for the stabilisation was taken from the state's own marine deposit in Koserow. The sand-water dredger "THOR R" from Denmark was used to pump the sand-water slurry from the ship to the beach. A total of around 220,000 cubic metres of sand was dredged up in the Lubmin area.

The geologists from G.E.O.S. checked the quality and quantity of the sand as well as compliance with the permitted mesh size on the dredger's suction arm. They also monitored the proper screening and magnetic separation on board the dredger and the dumping if the mesh size of the screening unit was exceeded. Screening the sand is necessary to prevent foreign objects from being washed onto the beach. All technical details were checked by keeping a daily construction log.