G.E.O.S. is awarded rock stabilisation contract in Halle

G.E.O.S. is awarded rock stabilisation contract

As part of a flooding measure by the city of Halle (Saale) on the Riveufer promenade, the restoration and utilisation of the recreational areas at the Senkengarten below the rock face north of the "Heinrich Heine rock" is planned. G.E.O.S. was commissioned to carry out a survey and geotechnical assessment with the aim of planning a rockfall protection system and supervising its installation. The Historic Monuments Authority of the City of Halle favours the use of a rockfall protection net with a static reinforcement function, as a net is visually less dominant than a fence.

Funding from the flood relief fund is available for the realisation of the project. Following the net protection of the rock theatre in Brachwitz in 2015, this is the second rock protection measure for G.E.O.S. Ingenieurgesellschaft in Halle.