G.E.O.S. contributes to data collection and processing of geological data from Saxony

Digital geological archive of Saxony released - G.E.O.S. informs about chances and perspectives in connection with the digital provision of geodata in Saxony

At the launch of the Digital Geological Archive Saxony - DiGA.Sax - on December 2nd, 2022, Dr. René Kahnt spoke about the "Opportunities and perspectives in the context of the digital provision of geodata in Saxony". The presentation used examples of projects to show the importance of geological data for the topics of geothermal energy and resource forecasting with the help of artificial intelligence (CoreSmart).

DiGA.Sax is the online access to the Geological Archive of the Saxon State Office for Environment, Agriculture and Geology. With the activation of DiGA.Sax, public digital access to geological data from Saxony is made possible in order to research and view information from all geodata-holding institutions, for example the mining archive.


G.E.O.S. has been part of the digital "processing" of the Saxon underground since the beginning of the data collection in the project ROHSA - Raw Material Data Saxony. For the implementation of the Saxon resource strategy and for the assessment of deposits, G.E.O.S. has collected a large amount of relevant information. This includes drill core logs and analyses of the rocks or mineralisations.

As a result of the now publicly available access to Saxony's geological data, investors can make decisions on whether to invest in a site. G.E.O.S., as an engineering service provider and project developer, is able to contribute with its expertise and wealth of experience. For example the lithium deposits in Zinnwald, the fluorspar and barite deposits in Niederschlag and the tin deposits in Pöhla-Globenstein were described in cooperation with G.E.O.S. on the basis of old data. Subsequently, their resource potential was evaluated with the help of digital models.


More information: https://www.digas.sachsen.de/