G.E.O.S. welcomes member of the Saxon Parliament and representatives of the European Movement Saxony e.V.

Exchange on current research projects and political topics regarding the implementation of the European and Saxon energy and raw materials strategy

On 04.09.2023 Martin Modschiedler, Member of the Saxon Parliament and President of the European Movement Saxony e.V. as well as Adrian Schieber, Managing Director of the European Movement Saxony e.V. were guests at G.E.O.S.

Jan Richter, Managing Director of G.E.O.S. gave information about the company and its development. Dr. Jana Pinka and Alexander Kutzke reported on current research projects on the topics of raw material research and on European projects that G.E.O.S. leads and oversees. They discussed the appreciation of the company and its expertise both in the member states of the EU and in countries such as Tajikistan, Uzbekistan or Kyrgyzstan. G.E.O.S. generates a high level of knowledge through its own resources in the research area in order to be able to quickly convert scientific results into economic added value.

Furthermore, topics and challenges of the future energy supply in European power grids as well as the securing of raw materials were discussed in order to become more independent in terms of strategic metals. G.E.O.S. can substantially contribute to this. An in-house solution for forecasting deposits with the help of artificial intelligence, the CoreSmart programme, as well as other technologies currently under development, will be a substantial contribution to that end.