G.E.O.S. was awarded with a contract from the Federal Office for
Nuclear Waste Disposal Safety

Selection of a site for final disposal

Sections 22 to 25 of the Site Selection Act (StandAG) define the geoscientific and planning requirements and criteria for the selection of a site for the final disposal of high-level radioactive waste. These are to be applied repetitively in the successive procedural steps of the site selection.

However, due to the expected natural heterogeneity of the geoscientific data, their inherent uncertainties as well as existing data gaps, it can be assumed that margins for data interpretation and, in particular, data evaluation will occur - not only for the qualitative and descriptive but also for the quantitative numerically clearly defined evaluation variables and indicators.

Therefore, within the framework of the tendered service, the individual technical substantiations for numerical bandwidths and specific values of the requirements and criteria according to Sections 22 to 25 StandAG are to be comprehensibly and logically fully summarised on the basis of research in a citable document. The aim is to create a basis for comprehensible and robust substantiation of the BfE's review and control tasks and to provide the public with the information on the decision-making process and the background.

G.E.O.S. is working on this task in a bidding consortium with the Swedish company Kemakta Konsult AB.