Hydrogeological works for Karls Erlebnis-Dorf Döbeln - an adventure village in central Saxony

G.E.O.S. investigates hydrogeological conditions

G.E.O.S. provided hydrogeological support for the ongoing site development works for Karls Erlebnis-Dorf in Döbeln (Saxony). For this purpose, it was necessary to provide evidence in several steps and levels that the project is in harmony with neighbouring groundwater uses and that there is no risk of damaging groundwater-bearing structures in the location.

Detailed findings were obtained on the basis of new drillings and the installation of groundwater monitoring wells to investigate the geological-hydrogeological site conditions. The assessments of the results were incorporated directly into the licensing procedures. In addition, they formed the baseline data for further planning services and consolidating investigations.

G.E.O.S. is currently carrying out hydrogeological monitoring to examine both the local groundwater levels and the hydrochemical characteristics of the groundwater.