Mission energy transition moves on

G.E.O.S. was awarded the contract for the project management of the wind power grid connection BorWin6 by the grid operator TenneT Offshore GmbH

BorWin6, another grid connection for offshore wind farms in the German North Sea, is scheduled for completion in 2027. BorWin6 will transmit a capacity of 980 megawatts. The 235 kilometres of cable route are partitioned into about 190 kilometres of sea cable and about 45 kilometres of land cable. The wind power produced at sea will be converted into direct current at a converter station built by TenneT, transported on land and converted back into three-phase current at an onshore converter in Büttel (Schleswig-Holstein) and then fed into the extra-high voltage grid.

G.E.O.S. will accompany the project from 2022 to 2027 with project management services from planning, construction, to approval, follow-up and documentation of the onshore cable section from the landing point in Büsum to the converter in Büttel.

G.E.O.S. operates its own site office in Meldorf in Schleswig-Holstein to manage the construction site directly during the project. Depending on the project phase, about 4 to 10 employees are on duty there. They are the contact persons on site for the owners and tenants, for authorities and communities and for the companies involved. However, the G.E.O.S. team is also working for green electricity from their desks at the headquarters in Halsbrücke near Freiberg and at the Chemnitz and Lehrte branches.

Route of BorWin6 (Photo: TenneT)


Technical design BorWin6 (Photo: TenneT)