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G.E.O.S. welcomes Nepalese government delegation - Development of an AI landslide warning system in Nepal

As part of current project work in Nepal, G.E.O.S. welcomed a delegation from the Nepalese government to Halsbrücke on 7 November 2023. During the visit, the guests learnt about German disaster prevention planning measures and disaster warning systems. They discussed the creation, testing and review of external emergency plans and the analysis of disaster hazards as well as risk analysis and cooperation with the authorities and companies involved.

G.E.O.S. is currently realising a project in Nepal for the "Implementation of a nationwide warning system for geotechnical emergency and risk prediction". The aim of the project is to develop a landslide warning system in Nepal based on artificial intelligence. In addition to G.E.O.S. as the lead company, Dimap Spectral GmbH and Geo3D Modelling from Kathmandu are partners in the project, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

A return visit to Nepal at the end of November has already been organised. During the trip, project manager Dr René Kahnt and his team will train the experts from the geological department of the Mining and Geology Department of Nepal (DMG) in the processing of satellite data, airborne remote sensing and basic data processing. The G.E.O.S. team also holds lectures for students at Tribhuvan University in Kathmandu.