New dust collection system for soil physics laboratory

G.E.O.S. continues to improve the working conditions for its staff in the soil physics laboratory in Halsbrücke

In connection with the renovation of G.E.O.S.'s own soil physics laboratory at the beginning of this year, the old dust collection system was also to be renewed. The performance of the old system had reached its limits. So a new dust collection system with a separator and more powerful fan was designed. At the same time, the collection hoods at the individual workplaces were to be designed in a more variable way.

After long delivery times for the ordered system, the time had finally come at the end of August: the new collection system was delivered and installed. After a couple of weeks of testing, the colleagues agreed that the system works perfectly.

Especially during dust-intensive work, such as dry sieving, dust is effectively removed and the workplace is kept dust-free. Thanks to the variability of the individual workstation extraction units, the system can be perfectly adapted to the respective work steps. At the same time, the cleaning effort of the workplaces is reduced, which makes the work more efficient.

In our high-performance soil physics laboratory, the employees carry out all classification tests of soil mechanics. They use the special equipment available to develop solutions for a wide range of geotechnical engineering problems. In addition to standard classification tests, permeability tests, investigations of strength and deformation behaviour as well as customer-specific special tests are carried out.