Our ship has arrived!

G.E.O.S.-owned catamaran SEABED EXPLORER arrived in Rostock - Operations for geophysical and geotechnical explorations in the North Sea and Baltic Sea are being prepared

Finally, the MS SEABED EXPLORER has arrived in Rostock's city harbour. The ship was bought by G.E.O.S. out of a bankruptcy proceeding. We now possess our own ship for the provision of customised services according to national and international standards.

This was preceded by six months of negotiations with the English liquidator of the former "Bibbi Tethra". A not entirely easy undertaking during CORONA times, when personal contacts were difficult to establish. We were actively supported in the buying process by our bank, the Sparkasse Mittelsachsen.

The catamaran is about 28 metres long and 10 metres wide and has a dynamic positioning system. VBW WEIGT GmbH, a member of the G.E.O.S. group of companies, will deploy the SEABED EXPLORER from Rostock for numerous geophysical and geotechnical investigations for our customers in the North Sea and Baltic Sea. The catamaran is scheduled to set out in 2020 to work on the first projects.

The vessel is currently being maintained and brought up to German standards in terms of occupational health and safety and technical safety.