Pond relocation

G.E.O.S. plans, supervises and manages project for the development of a new residential area

In the outskirts of the city of Chemnitz, a plot of land is to be developed for a residential area with individual family homes on 46 plots. G.E.O.S. was commissioned with the complete object planning, with the local construction supervision, with the construction management and with the obtaining of the approval from the water authorities.

The traffic infrastructure of the residential area is planned via the access from the main road. An emergency access road for the fire brigade will also be built on the north-western boundary of the property. This access road also serves as a pipeline corridor for the external connection to the drinking water network as well as for the routing of the rainwater and wastewater sewer to the connection to the public sewer system. The site has a slight slope of about 1.5 percent.

On the south-western side of the property there was a artificial pond, which was fed by rainwater and an open ditch crossing the property. It originally had no outlet. To improve the design of the residential area, the pond was to be moved further south, reinforced and given new vegetation. In the future, it will serve as a permanent rainwater retention basin that provides an additional retention volume of approximately 1,800 cubic metres.

An ecological challenge during construction was the requirement of the nature conservation authority to complete the measure during the winter period until the end of February 2023 in order not to disturb the frogs living there during their breeding season. Thanks to the careful activities of the construction company, the frogs had a successful spawning season even despite the late completion in April due to the weather conditions.