Project completion "Vita-Min - Living with mining"

G.E.O.S. contributes with 9 sub-projects to the successful completion of the project

At the end of January 2021, the Saxon State Office for Environment, Agriculture and Geology (LfULG) announced the successful completion of the EU project „Vita-Min – Living with Mining“. G.E.O.S. made a major contribution to the success of the project with 9 sub-projects. With these projects, G.E.O.S. engineers developed basic principles and innovative solutions for the Free State of Saxony that make it possible to solve current problems of old and abandoned mining and to avoid them in future.

In the Ore Mountains, for example, G.E.O.S. developed a "water master tree" and derived geogenic background data on heavy metals for the cross-border mining district of Zinnwald/Cínovec. In the former Oelsnitz coalfield, water from deep boreholes was revitalised so that it could continue to be used in a local graduation tower. In addition, hot spots for acid mining drainage, especially in ore and coal mining areas, associated with the release of sulphate and iron into the receiving water, were identified for Saxony. From this, possible remediation measures were derived.


Vita-Min - Living with mining: G.E.O.S. subprojects

  • Determination of the baseline concentration of metals in the Czech-Saxon cross-border area for a correct assessment and subsequent treatment of water bodies against the background of the European Water Framework Directive
  • Water and mining in the Czech-Saxon border area Zinnwald/Cínovec
    • Sub-project 1.7: Development of a hydrological master tree for the Zinnwald/Cínovec area and development of necessary water management measures with the aim of improving the water status in the region
    • Sub-project 2.2: Impact of new mining activities on water quality and quantity in the Zinnwald/Cínovec area
  • Possibilities of pollutant retention in underground mine works of ore and spar mining
  • Concept for space-saving surface facilities in future mining projects
  • Digital cross-border Saxon-czeck waste rock pile registry
  • Mobile water treatment plant for deferrisation and demanganisation of the mine water from the Oelsnitz/Erzgeb. deep borehole for the local graduation tower
  • Revitalisation of the Oelsnitz/Erzgeb. deep borehole for the extraction of mine water/brine while retaining its current function
  • Analysing the anthropogenic and natural influx of iron and sulphate into mine-impacted watercourses
  • Utilisation of waste products from water purification plants as recyclable secondary raw materials