Publication on the environmentally friendly recovery of valuable materials

Current publication in GeoResources: Raw materials from old mining dumps in Saxony - ReMiningPlus project for environmentally friendly recovery of valuable materials from tailings

For more than 10 years, G.E.O.S. has been researching into ways of extracting strategic metals from mining residues with the help of new technologies. The aim is to fill the supply gap for the economy in Europe and to reduce dependence on commodities imports.

Project coordinator Dr. Jana Pinka reports in the latest issue of the journal GeoResources on the progress of geo-biotechnology for the extraction of indium from tailings of the Freiberg David Mine tailings pile. On the basis of the chosen example, the procedure and potentials are described.

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The project ReMiningPlus "Plant for the recovery of valuable materials from sulphide flushing tailings and their environmentally friendly remediation" is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of the funding programme "WIR! - Change through Innovation in the Region".