Raw material extraction in the Börde region

Start of operations: Li-Cycle Germany recycles batteries - G.E.O.S. compiled initial status report

Li-Cycle Germany GmbH intended to build a plant for the recovery of raw materials from lithium batteries in Osterweddingen/Sülzetal in the district of Börde in Saxony-Anhalt. For this purpose, G.E.O.S. prepared the initial status report for the start of operations in August 2023. For this purpose, soil and groundwater samples were obtained and analytically examined for all relevant hazardous substances used, produced or released within the scope of the activity. The report served as the baseline for official decision-making processes and for the approval of the entire plant and start of operations.

The Canadian company Li-Cycle thus started operations at the beginning of August. According to its own information, Li-Cycle is one of the largest recycling plants for lithium-ion batteries in Europe.