Refurbishment of shaft 98 in Antonsthal

WISUTEC successfully completes another shaft rehabilitation project

The G.E.O.S. branch WISUTEC completed the refurbishment of shaft 98 in Antonsthal in August 2021.

Shaft 98 in Antonsthal is a mining shaft that was used until 1954 and leads to the "September" deposit between Schwarzenberg and Antonsthal. The shaft was previously just covered with a thin concrete slab, underneath which were 12 metres of empty space. The shaft cross-section is approximately 5x3 square metres. The WISUTEC experts researched, explored and planned the shaft conservation. A concrete seal was poured at a depth of around 20 metres for the manhole and the cavity will then be backfilled to the surface. This will ensure road safety in the area and enable safe forestry use.

WISUTEC has been planning and supporting remediation measures in the former Wismut uranium ore mine for many years. In addition to the preservation of Shaft 98, Shaft 318 and a further 17 tunnels in the same mine field have also been refurbished in recent years with the expertise of the WISUTEC experts.