Renewal of the overhead power line Ostbayernring

G.E.O.S. is responsible for health and safety at the construction site on behalf of the grid operator TenneT

The Eastern Bavarian Ring is an already existing power transmission line of around 185 kilometres that runs from Redwitz in Upper Franconia to Schwandorf in the Upper Palatinate. Due to the increasing feed-in of renewable energies, the Eastern Bavarian Ring regularly reaches its capacity limits. In order to ensure supply, network and failure safety for the entire region in the future, the capacities of the Eastern Bavarian Ring must be significantly increased. Therefore, the replacement construction of the Eastern Bavarian Ring was included in the Federal Demand Plan as measure no. 18.

With the passing of the Federal Requirements Plan Act in 2013, the energy industry necessity and the urgent need for the measure were legally established. The replacement construction was planned in the existing route in order to expand the existing 380/220 kilovolt systems to two 380 kilovolt systems. After completion of the replacement construction, the existing power line will be dismantled.


G.E.O.S. responsible for health and safety protection

G.E.O.S. has been responsible for the safety supervision of the new overhead line construction in route section A with the health and safety coordination as well as with the position of a specialist for occupational safety since the summer of 2022. The trained health and safety coordinators and specialists for occupational safety take care of the safety and health of the employees and contractors working on the construction sites.

The safety supervision includes three separate construction lots with construction-related activities, each with three general contractors for the cable pulling work up to the final installation as well as several subcontractors for road construction, civil engineering, special civil engineering, steel installations up to the erection of the masts. The construction lots run parallel to each other. During the construction of the 43-kilometre-long route, the connections to two transformer stations, the erection of approximately 115 masts and a large number of crossings of traffic routes of all categories such as motorways, field paths, railway lines, active overhead lines, agricultural areas, ecological areas such as rivers, streams, ponds and forest areas must be safely managed.


Hohe sicherheitstechnische Standards

For these works with different potential hazards, a high safety standard is required and implemented by the client TenneT and the contractors. G.E.O.S. advises its client on safety measures to avoid hazards and accidents. In addition, health and safety plans are produced, elaborated safety and rescue concepts as well as plans for the mast extension are reviewed and the employees of the executing companies receive safety instruction in accordance with the SiGe plan before the start of construction.

Completion of the construction is planned for mid-2024. After that, the dismantling of the entire Section A will begin under the supervision of G.E.O.S. until 2025.


Images: Frank Bettermann