Schwertmannite successfully used in SeaSoilution project -
G.E.O.S. supports Enactus e. V.

G.E.O.S. passes on experience in the use of Schwertmannite to students of Enactus München e. V. - Schwertmannite is successfully used in the international SeaSoilution project

Students of the global Enactus network recently approached G.E.O.S. for technical support in purifying solutions.

The brown algae accumulating in huge quantities on the beaches of the Dominican Republic not only discourage tourists from visiting the beach, but also release toxic clouds of sulphur dioxide. In the shallow water zones of the ocean, the unchecked growth of brown algae leads to a lack of oxygen and reduces the biodiversity and abundance of fish.

In the Enactus project SeaSoilution, the students developed a biostimulant (nutrient liquid for plants) out of this brown algae biomass and are trying to solve a serious environmental problem as a result.

G.E.O.S. supported the students with sample material of the specifically developed swordmannite-based sorbents and with expert knowledge on its use for the removal of metal anions from solutions. The students successfully used these materials and this knowledge in the SeaSoilution project. The biostimulant thus treated with swordmannite showed significantly improved purity after treatment. Thus, a critical obstacle for the subsequent application of the nutrient solution was overcome. The resulting process is very simple and can be easily implemented on site.

G.E.O.S. supports the students' initiative to develop such sustainable, innovative, social projects and market ideas with a real-world practical application. In this way, the more than 30 years of expertise of the G.E.O.S. team in the field of solution processing and resource recovery can be globally conveyed.


Further information on the project: enactus München / Seasoilution