SCL certification for G.E.O.S.

High occupational safety standards confirmed: G.E.O.S. successfully passes Safety Culture Ladder audit and achieves Level 3 certification

In early 2023, G.E.O.S. successfully passed the Safety Culture Ladder (SCL) audit and was awarded the SCL Level 3 certificate. The certificate confirms that G.E.O.S. pays special attention to workplace safety at all levels of work and organisation within the company. This makes G.E.O.S. one of the few SCL-certified companies in Saxony.


SCL assessment system measures conduct and attitude towards safety

The Safety Culture Ladder is a Dutch assessment system for measuring the attitude of a company and its employees towards safety at work. The concept of the SCL assessment goes beyond the legally regulated occupational health and safety regulations. It does not focus on regulations and structures but on the safety culture in a company. It is essential that every member of a company is aware of his or her responsibility with regard to safety and adapts his or her behaviour accordingly.


Teamwork in the SCL process

G.E.O.S. started the SCL audit process in 2020. During this process, employees and the company management took part in seminars, numerous workshops and sharing of experiences. Together, they worked on new procedures, regulations and information processes to guarantee the health of the employees in the company and to prevent accidents.


Comprehensive audit process

In January 2023, G.E.O.S. was put through an audit process lasting several days by the accredited auditor Lloyd´s Register. The Chemnitz branch and external construction sites were also evaluated.

By successfully passing the audit, G.E.O.S. has laid another milestone in improving the occupational safety of its employees, subcontractors and suppliers.