SCL certification: interim audit confirmed

Safety at G.E.O.S.: interim audit confirms level 3 certification of the Safety Culture Ladder – continuous improvements for health in the workplace

Following the successful audit for the Safety Culture Ladder (SCL) last year, a current interim audit has confirmed G.E.O.S.'s ongoing commitment to safety. The SCL level 3 certification recognises G.E.O.S.'s commitment to ensuring safe workplaces in all areas and at all levels across the company.

G.E.O.S. started the SCL audit process back in 2022. The team worked intensively on procedures, regulations and information processes to safeguard the health of employees and prevent accidents. In January 2023, G.E.O.S. was successfully certified at level 3 in a comprehensive audit process by the accredited auditor Lloyd's Register.

The interim audit in early 2024 not only confirmed the certification, but also highlighted that the company is working intensively on further improvements for the health and safety of all employees. Potential for improvement was also identified, that G.E.O.S. will take with them as a homework assignment for the new year. The primary goal is to ensure that all employees feel safe in their workplaces - whether in the office, in the laboratory, at the customer's premises or on the construction site.

SCL assessment system measures behaviour and attitude to safety

The Safety Culture Ladder is a Dutch assessment system for measuring the awareness of a company and its employees towards safety and health. The concept of the SCL assessment goes beyond the statutory health and safety regulations: it focuses in particular on the safety culture in a company. Essentially, every member of a company is aware of their responsibility with regard to health and safety and adjusts their behaviour accordingly.