Preservation of historical documents

G.E.O.S. is dedicated to the preservation of valuable historical documents of the Zinnwald mining industry

Documents, maps and plans of historical mining are important historical documents and still remain important sources of information of considerable intangible value. Many of these documents are still only available in large-format, partly hand-coloured paper and cardboard formats.

Drawer cabinets are the method of choice for protecting these historical documents from dust and light while ensuring quick access. The costs of such cabinets are meanwhile in the four-digit range and are therefore usually unaffordable for public institutions.

The Zinnwald visitor mine has its own archive of such documents, but there is an increasing lack of suitable storage facilities. In response to a call for help from the visitor mine, G.E.O.S. unbureaucratically and at short notice provided a crack cabinet in as new condition from its own stock and also took on the transport to Zinnwald. In this way, G.E.O.S. is pleased to contribute to the preservation and continued utilisation of the region's historical mining heritage.