Training for Safety Culture Ladder

Safer behaviour at the workplace - G.E.O.S. trains for SCL certificate audit process

In May 2022, G.E.O.S. took the next step with the training for the audit process for the certification of the company according to the Safety Culture Ladder (SCL). In a two-day seminar at the headquarters in Halsbrücke, the participants were taught the procedure for SCL induction and for the certification audit by Lloyd's Register. With this, G.E.O.S. is adding another milestone to improve occupational safety not only in its own company, but also for use by its customers and clients at construction sites.

The Safety Culture Ladder is an assessment method for measuring safety awareness in companies. The focus is on safety culture: with SCL, awareness of safe behaviour in the company is measured and can be improved continuously. In short, collectively ensuring that work is intentionally done safely.