Koordination und Sicherheitsaufsicht (SiGeKo/FaSi) im Projekt 380-kV-Leitung Wahle-Mecklar

The Wahle-Mecklar project involves the construction of a new 380 kV extra-high voltage line from the Wahle substation to the Mecklar substation with a route length of approximately 230 kilometres as part of the grid expansion. In a section of this route, cables will be laid underground. For section A, the laying of underground cables between the Lesse cable transfer station and the Holle cable transfer station, G.E.O.S. provides the health & safety coordinators (OHSCs) and safety supervisors (SSCs) to supervise the works over a construction period of approximately 2 years.

The tasks of the safety and health coordinators and safety supervisors of G.E.O.S. in the area of the land cable between the cable transfer stations include, among others:

  • Tasks according to the German Construction Site Ordinance (BaustellV) and the tasks of the health and safety coordinators (OHSCs) specified in the rules for occupational health and safety on construction sites.
  • Pre-construction services as support for the client or the contractors to avoid hazards that could arise from plant conditions or interactions between the individual trades.
  • Advising the client and his main contractors on construction site set-up and cooperation
  • Health and safety protection plan according to German or international construction site regulations
  • Advance notice for the relevant authorities
  • Preparation, continuous updating and elaboration of the "Document for subsequent work", according to the German or international standards, which specifies the requirements on content and form, according to the German Ordinance on Health and Safety Protection on Construction Sites
  • Emergency Management
  • Issuing the necessary notices (fire protection, emergency calls, rescue/notification chain)
  • Presentation of the H&S plan for the companies involved in the project with explanations of the measures for occupational health and safety protection
  • Adaptation of the H&S plan in the event of additional, essential information or significantly changed construction schedules
  • Review of the risk assessment
  • Review of concepts (e.g. for fire protection, project realisation, transport, installation, HV testing) for safety-relevant aspects
  • Participation in briefings and safety workshops
  • Initial briefing of all companies involved in the project and instruction on the site regulations for the records
  • Participation and involvement in kick-off talks with presentation of the rescue concept incl. PPE, assembly points and emergency control points
  • Carrying out safety inspections with pre- and post-inspections with all project managers and documentation of the inspections
  • Support in identifying potential causes and improvement of procedures (e.g. accidents, near-accidents, hazardous conditions, environmental incidents or in the event of fire)
  • Preparation of reports regarding compliance to occupational health and safety
  • Safety meetings with the employees of the executing companies