Deposit model of the Zinnwald lithium deposit: resource calculation and evaluation according to international reporting standards

On behalf of Solarworld Solicium GmbH / Deutsche Lithium GmbH, G.E.O.S. developed a deposit model for the Zinnwald deposit and carried out resource calculations. The first geological interpretation was made based on plausibility-checked old data from various historical exploration stages from 1917 to 1989. The 3D deposit model built on this was gradually verified and refined by a total of 25 new drillings and underground sampling in old mine works. The proven deposit content was more than tripled compared to the historical results of the 1950s


  • Data research in the archives of the Saxon State Office for the Environment, Agriculture and Geology
  • Digitisation of existing mine plans
  • Data harmonisation and conditioning of historical data
  • Establishment of a quality assurance programme (QA/QC)
  • Data entry using project-specific input masks and data checking (QA/QC)
  • Data migration to the geological database (master data, geometry data, layer directories, geochemical analysis data) and repeated data check (QA/QC)
  • Planning of the drilling programme,
  • Clarification of property issues (obtaining licences and permission agreements)
  • Placing of the boreholes in the area and comparing the drilling locations with the old mining maps
  • Local geological, technical and modelling support for 3 drilling campaigns
  • Development of a 3D geological model (with the SURPAC V. 6.6 software)
  • Statistical and geo-statistical analysis of geochemical data
  • Development of the deposit model and identification of the ore bodies
  • Resource calculation for Li, Sn, W and K
  • Resource classification and evaluation
  • Reporting in accordance with international standards (PERC, NI 43-101)