KaDes: Energy-efficient application of disinfectants in process water treatment for the pharmaceutical industry

The aim of the iKaDes research project is to develop and test an alternative solution for the removal of residual oxidising agents in high-purity water. Neither energy costs nor costs for wear parts should have to be taken into account to any significant extent.

This concept is based on catalytic substance conversion using immobilised, highly effective selective enzymatic catalysts, whereby the technical reaction control is to be carried out in flow pipes with high turbulence and a large catalyst surface area.

The project is being worked on in a partner network. The scope of G.E.O.S. includes

  • Development of the modelling concept for the coupled simulation of turbulent flow and the catalytic conversion of ozone and hydrogen peroxide
  • Numerical implementation and parametrisation of the laboratory tests with COMSOL-MULTIPHYSICS software
  • Simulation of a first coating variant / geometry, model calibration and iterative model improvement
  • Simulation of further coating variants / geometries and forecasts for the pilot scale (upscaling)
  • Optimisation of the geometry and coating and the overall process



Das Projekt wird gefördert durch das Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie.