Managing Mining Licence for Lithium Zinnwald project

The basis for the extraction of mineable mineral resources for commercial purposes is a mining licence in accordance with Section 8 of the German Federal Mining Act. The application for and granting of a mining licence is a formal approval procedure with the relevant local mining authority and with involvement of the public interest bodies.

G.E.O.S.'s services for the Lithium Zinnwald project included the comprehensive preparation of the application, from the identification and definition of the boundaries of the licence area to be applied for based on the results of the preliminary exploration and resource calculations to the mineable mineral resources intended for extraction. Furthermore, G.E.O.S. prepared the technical evaluation of the extraction (proof of technical and economic extractability) and the extraction work plan (description of the local classification, type, scope and possible environmental impact of future extraction operations).


  • Definition of the location and boundaries of the licence area
  • Definition of the duration of the licence applied for
  • Definition of the minable mineral resources planned for extraction
  • Proof of technical and economic viability
  • Scope of works and possible environmental impacts
  • Compilation of application documents
  • Permit management (meetings, dealing with public authorities)