Planning of the receiving water connection of the Freiberg mining district via Roter Graben into the Freiberg Mulde river

Within the scope of the project, G.E.O.S. is providing engineering services to ensure a receiving water connection via the Rote Graben (Engl.: Red Ditch) to the Mulde river between Freiberg and Halsbrücke.

The Rote Graben has the status of a technical monument and is a listed historical landmark. It has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Mining Region Erzgebirge/Krušnohoří" since 06.07.2019.


  • Basic evaluation for the entire ditch section
  • Securing the permanent discharge of mine water in the area
  • Geotechnical assessment of the present condition of the Rote Graben
  • Risk assessment to evaluate the impact on the receiving water body against the background of the amended Water Framework Directive and the new Surface Water Ordinance
  • Research, description and assessment of heritage protection issues including the World Heritage listing "Mining Region Erzgebirge/Krušnohoří".
  • Research, description and assessment of environmental protection aspects, especially with regard to the flora-fauna-habitat directive in the "Upper Mulde Valley".
  • Basis: previous planning for the remediation of the Rote Graben and for the reduction of arsenic and cadmium input into the Upper Elbe catchment area.


Das Projekt wurde gefördert durch das EFRE-Vorhaben "Prävention von Risiken des Altbergbaus“.