Project management for the SylWin 1 land cable route

In April 2015, with the SylWin1 project, TenneT began operating the second DC connection for wind farms in the eastern North Sea. This is an 864 MW grid connection for several wind farms at sea off Sylt, which is around 205 kilometres long. Of this, 160 kilometres are submarine cables and 45 kilometres are land cables. The energy generated is transported to the onshore converter station in Büttel. SylWin1 can supply more than one million households with clean wind energy.

G.E.O.S. was commissioned with the project management for this project.


  • Coordination of the design and implementation planning for the land cable laying from Büsum to Büttel in the open cable trench or by means of HDD drilling
  • Coordination, monitoring and documentation of preparatory and construction-related work, including explosive ordnance, archaeology, nature and soil conservation
  • Coordination with the relevant authorities, private individuals and authorised users
  • Preparation and coordination of application documents for intersections with the public authorities involved, including Deutsche Bahn AG
  • Checking the HDD engineering with regard to feasibility and conformity with the prepared implementation planning
  • Coordination, control and documentation of corridor damage and its remediation