Raw material exploration project Lithium Zinnwald - large-scale underground sampling

The basis for the exploration of mineable mineral resources is a licence under mining law for exploration for commercial purposes in accordance with Section 7 of the Federal Mining Act (BBergG). All technical work required for the exploration of raw materials above and below ground is subject to the operating plan obligation. This requires project-specific main and special operating plans, which must be authorised by the responsible mining authority under mining law. Compliance with the ancillary provisions issued by the mining authority must be monitored and documented.

The object of the "Large-scale underground sampling" in the Lithium Zinnwald project by G.E.O.S. is the mining of a large representative sample from a chosen area of the Zinnwald lithium (tin-tungsten) deposit. One of the most important ore bodies of the Zinnwald deposit is mined via the mine workings of the old Zinnwald mine and parts of the visitor mine there. A large sample of approx. 100 tonnes was to be taken from this area using a low-impact blasting technique and transported to the surface for further use in large-scale processing tests. In particular, the interests of the tourist mine had to be taken into account (protection of the surface, the visitors' route and the facilities of the tourist mine).

The underground large-scale sampling was planned by G.E.O.S. until ready for approval, put out to tender and monitored on site to ensure that it was carried out in accordance with the authorisation. The results were documented and integrated into a resource report in accordance with the PERC standard (Compliance and Guidance Standards proposed by Pan-European Reserves and Resources Committee).


  • Preparation of the scope of underground works
  • Preparation of the exploration operating plan
  • Coordination of all parties involved
  • Clarification of property issues (obtaining authorisations for rescue routes)
  • Preparation and participation in the awarding of mining contracts
  • Construction supervision (underground extraction)
  • Documentation and reporting (PERC report)