Raw material extraction through microbial iron oxidation

In an innovative and globally unique process developed by G.E.O.S., iron has been microbially separated from the water in a pilot plant in the bypass of LEAG's Tzschelln mine water purification plant (lignite mining, Lusatia) since 2006 and precipitated as Schwertmannite (iron hydroxy sulphate).

The raw material obtained naturally using this process without additives and without high technological expenditure can be used specifically as an agglomerate to remove pollutants from waste water (arsenate, selenate, chromate, molybdate).

Processes developed by G.E.O.S:

  • Research and development of the microbial oxidation of iron
  • Laboratory tests
  • Process design (upscaling) and process engineering planning of the pilot plant for microbial iron oxidation
  • Sustainable material cycle through the use of the product Schwertmannite in the sorptive removal of pollutants from wastewater



Das Projekt wurde gefördert durch das Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung.