Fachinformationssystem für die Gewässerunterhaltungsplanung

The G.E.O.S. branch office WISUTEC designed a software application, which systematises all the one-off and recurring maintenance measures on first-order watercourses and summarises them into a a watercourse maintenance plan. All data are digitally processed  and are made available for the Saxony State Reservoir Administration. Existing databases and software applications can be used optimally for this purpose.

The "IT-supported watercourse maintenance planning" application was implemented as an ASP.NET application. It allows the watercourse authorities to assign maintenance areas and to create long-term master plans as well as annual work plans.

The application, which was developed on the basis of our AL.VIS/Objects software, automatically compiles all available information required in the maintenance section. This includes 21 GIS topics such as land information, fauna and flora habitats, nature conservation areas and all the water management objects. It has numerous tools to ensure quality-assured recording of the individual measures. The form-based data entry is coupled with a geo-information system for recording and presentation of the measures.

The application was later upgraded to include features for generating and managing reports in accordance with the Water Framework Directive (WFD). The goal is a uniform WFD reporting to the ministry.


  • Creation of data model
  • Import of existing data (plans, photos)
  • Implementation of a revised water network
  • Transfer of large geodata stocks into the PostgreSQL database
  • Programming in ASP.NET
  • Testing
  • Training of the staff