AL.VIS software suite

The web-based information system AL.VIS with GIS and map functionalities is specifically designed for the management of environmentally relevant and object-related information. It is designed as a corporate information system as well as an administrative environmental information system.

With AL.VIS, geospatial, technical and also object-related information can be compiled and conveniently conditioned for further use in the company. This also includes the option of output on maps in a freely selectable scale.

The AL.VIS software is modular, easy to customise to user requirements and requires just a modern web browser to run on client's side. The interfaces can also be used on mobile devices.

The software suite consists of the following components:


Content relations can be established between the components on the basis of relational, semantic and spatial analyses and can be used in the data research. All components can be localised, i.e. they can be used in several languages. ORACLE or PostgreSQL/PostGIS are used for the database systems. Spatial information such as coordinates of points as well as lines or areas are stored and processed in the database.

The system is suitable for use in the intranet of an authority or a company, but also for use on the Internet. Modern portal functions combined with safe authentication secure the access rights of user groups.


Our Services
  • Requirement analysis for the software or components thereof within your IT environment
  • IT concept for the implementation
  • Delivery and installation of the required servers
  • Setting up the database
  • Software Installation
  • User training
  • Data migration of the existing databases into the new database structure
  • Remote maintenance of the information system set up on request


  • Visual Studio
  • ReSharper
  • GitLab (version management, continuous integration)
  • NUnit for unit tests
  • Mantis bug tracker