Approval Procedures

In the course of the realisation of planning projects, for example in grid expansion, infrastructure, mining or remediation of contaminated sites, it is more important than ever to cope with the necessary approval procedures. Therefore, early clarification of the requirements under licensing law is of immense importance for the scope and duration of the corresponding procedures.

We provide comprehensive and competent advice and support with approval procedures for your projects. In the focus of our service portfolio are approval procedures according to various federal laws, such as:

  • German Federal Mining Act
  • General German Federal Mining Ordinance
  • Environmental Impact Assessment of Mining Projects
  • German Radiation Protection Act
  • German Site Selection Act
  • German Federal Water Act
  • EU Water Framework Directive
  • German Renewable Energy Sources Act
  • German Building Code
  • German Federal Immission Control Act
  • German Recycling Management Act
  • German Landfill Ordinance
  • German Federal Soil Protection Act
  • German Federal Soil Protection and Contaminated Sites Ordinance
  • German Federal Environmental Impact Assessment Act


Our Services
  • Project descriptions and scoping documents
  • Coordination with the respective authorities
  • Time schedules
  • Preparing project-specific approval documents
  • Coordination of the technical team involved in the planning and approval process
  • Consultation during planning and approval process
  • Contribution to scoping meetings