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Calculation for stability and deformation

G.E.O.S. is your reliable partner to prepare verifications of load-bearing capacity (ULS) and serviceability (SLS) in the field of geotechnics according to Eurocode 7. Our trained experts carry out comprehensive stability and deformation calculations so that your construction project can be completed successfully.


Our Services
  • Implementing of the following safety verifications (EC 7, DIN 1054)
    • Verification of bearing resistance (ULS):
      • Safety against hydraulic failure by uplift/buoyancy (UPL)
      • Safety against hydraulic fracture, internal erosion and piping (HYD)
      • Safety against overturning (EQU)
      • Sufficient passive earth resistance, safety against sliding and foundation failure, stability at the deep sliding joint, stability of slopes or retaining structures (GEO-2)
      • Overall stability (slope safety and base failure) (GEO-3)
    • Verification of serviceability limit states (limited deflections, limited cracking) (SLS)
  • Development of geotechnical models based on ground investigations or expert reports, terrain models and planning documents
  • Model calculations including design situations and situations and actions
  • Ultimate Limit State design to Eurocode 7 using numerical methods
  • Determination of the main structural failure mechanisms
  • Documentation of the completed design verifications
  • Evaluation of the results and structural engineering recommendations


  • GEO5
  • GGU
  • DC Software


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