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Deep Geothermal Energy Simulation

Simulations for the planning and optimisation of your deep geothermal projects as well as for obtaining the qualified permission under Federal Water Act. Our models and prognoses allow to identify the potential and possible pitfalls of a project well in advance. This enables us to support you in planning a successful realisation of your projects.


Our Services
  • Up-front simulations as part of the planning of deep geothermal energy projects to avoid thermal breakthroughs and to estimate the mutual influence of pressure
  • Expert reports required for thermal mining approval based on test results for obtaining an qualified permission under Federal Water Act (Wassergesetz)
  • Detailed evaluation of hydraulic tests based on the coupled simulation of the processes in the borehole as well as in the reservoir with the G.E.O.S.I.M. borehole simulator developed by G.E.O.S.
  • Probability of success studies (POS studies) based on strict separation and separate treatment of geological and technical elements.
  • Geostatistical reservoir evaluation (transmissivity, temperature)
  • Coupled simulation of the effects of casing design and pumps on the reservoir's fill and temperature
  • Consideration of the impact of the wells on each other with regard to the production rates


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