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Deep Geothermal Energy

As a reliable partner, we are at your side when it comes to unlocking deep geothermal resources. Thanks to our many years of experience, we provide full services for the engineering in regards to the utilisation of deep geothermal energy sources.

We offer complex services for the development and support of geothermal projects in the fields of hydrothermal geothermal energy, geothermal use of mine water and petrothermal energy/hot dry rock/EGS.


Our Services
  • Preparation of applications for EIA preliminary assessment, Site Selection Act (StandAG) assessment and preparation of operating concepts
  • Preparation of permit and authorisation applications and applications for approval under Federal Water Act (WHG)
  • Complete feasibility studies incl. seismic investigation and velocity modelling
  • Target optimisation and bore path planning
  • Geothermal and geomechanical simulation with PETREL/ECLIPSE or FEFLOW
  • Probability of Success studies (POS) for fill, temperature as well as thermal and electrical power incl. economic feasibility studies based on G.E.O.S.I.M.
  • Geological support of drilling operations
  • Hydraulic pump efficiency test evaluation
  • Monitoring and optimisation of geothermal plant operations


  • G.E.O.S.I.M.