Emergency Water

In case of defence or after catastrophes, the supply of the population with drinking water must be ensured independently of pipelines and area-wide as a basic supply. The need to design an emergency drinking water supply arises from the Water Security Act (WasSG) and is the responsibility of the federal government.

We are familiar with the special requirements for water security and give advise on the planning of suitable water catchments. The water is primarily extracted from manually operated emergency drinking water wells. When planning, a yield of 15 litres per person and day within a defined catchment area must be ensured.

All requirements for emergency water supply are based on the administrative regulations of the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance and are daily business for our hydrogeologists.


Our Services
  • Emergency drinking water supply concepts according to governmental regulations
  • Data research on population figures, population density, commuters, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, livestock, essential  businesses, etc.
  • Pre-selection of suitable groundwater wells for emergency drinking water supply based on hydrogeological-hydrochemical and water management data,
  • Field surveys for inventory and documentation of the preselected water catchments
  • Designation of supply areas,
  • Documentation and maps