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Environmental Geochemistry

Our earth is subject to constant change. Elements are fixed in all spheres by geochemical processes, but also released into the geosphere, pedosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere.

We offer detailed investigations of geochemical processes with subsequent expert evaluation of the results obtained during analysis. We develop solutions for assessing the formation, depicting interactions and dispersion pathways as well as for the response to pollutants.


Our Services
  • Assessment of the origin of seepage water from mining, drainage and tailings dumps from lignite and ore mining, from quarrying of iron, sulphate, arsenic, cadmium, nickel, zinc, radioactive substances as well as the identification and evaluation of prevention and treatment strategies.
  • Hydrogeochemical expert reports to identify mining-related substance inputs into water bodies
  • Special geochemistry for the assessment of protected assets (protected asset pathway soil-groundwater - seepage prognosis, protected asset pathway mine dump-air - radon dispersion, protected asset pathway groundwater-surface water - sulphate dispersion)
  • Origin and treatment of acid mine drainage
  • Numerical simulation of geochemical systems, including:
    • PHREEQC simulation of reactions of dissolved species with mineral phases.
    • Reactive transport considering complex geochemical interactions
    • Simulation of leaching processes (in-situ leaching, heap leaching)
    • Prediction of flooding level and concentration of water constituents during mine flooding
    • Simulation of geochemical interactions of radionuclides
    • Seepage forecasts
    • Coupled simulation of flow and material transport in tailings dams and mine waste dumps
    • Prediction of geochemical interactions in deep geothermal energy projects
    • Inclusion of microbiological interactions in geochemical simulations


Special Equipment/Capacities
  • Laboratory and pilot plants