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Field Testing and Monitoring

The main purpose of field testing and monitoring during earthworks is to ensure that specified quality requirements are met when working with mineral soils and building materials. In this respect, the determination of required quality criteria already plays an important role in the planning process.

We support you in your construction projects and take over the geotechnical monitoring and associated geotechnical field surveys and sampling in the areas of ground investigations as well as earthworks and road construction.


Our Services
  • Development and updating of quality management plan (QMP) in accordance with regulations or technical specifications
  • Test reports incl. recommendations
  • Field testing:
    • Static plate load test
    • Dynamic plate load test
    • Density determination of the soil in place with rubber balloon densitometer and core cutter tests including sampling
    • Soil surface flatness tests
    • Soil layer thickness tests
  • Soil laboratory tests for density determination and other soil-physical parameters


  • GeODin
  • IDAT
  • GeoLogic Soil Tec