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Geological 3D modelling

We create complex geological 3D models as part of 3D mapping. These serve as a basis for deposit evaluations or mine planning, for deep geothermal energy projects or for the evaluation of hydrogeological problems.

Our 3D models provide the means to combine different data bases and present them in a spatial reference. Especially for oil and gas projects, deep geothermal projects and storage projects for gases and fluids, geological 3D modelling serves as a decision-making basis for the realisation of your projects.

We use complex software systems to create the 3D models. Our highly specialised staff is experienced in the use of this software and has excellent specialist knowledge of regional geological contexts. This makes us a competent partner for your projects.



Our Services
  • Consistent coupling of the 3D software to GIS-based databases (ORACLE, POSTGRE-SQL, SQL-SERVER,...) for database-related management of
    • Outcrop data
    • Distribution  of vector polygons
  • Deposit models as a basis for deposit evaluation according to international standards (JORC-Code, PERC-Code, NI 43-101)
  • Full-coverage 3D mapping as part of the hydrogeological special mapping 1:50,000 of Saxony
    • Use of 6,000-8,000 outcrop data per geological map sheet 1:50,000
    • Modelling of up to 100 stratigraphic units, each with a large number of local distributions
    • Preparation of the results in the data format of the specialist information System of Hydrogeology Saxony
  • Interpretation of seismic data and borehole geophysics data (well-logs) and development of velocity models as a basis for geological 3D models for deep geothermal projects, oil/natural gas projects and storage projects