Our hydroengineering specialists plan and coordinate your water management construction projects and projects for water body rehabilitation, flood protection or water body maintenance. Not only do hydraulic laws have to be taken into account, but also the effects of climate change, which is becoming increasingly important in water management. In planning, tried-and-tested solutions are supplemented with near-natural construction methods in the design. In this way, we achieve a harmonious integration of the hydroengineering measure into nature and the environment.


Our Services
  • Planning of flood damage removal on watercourses and water bodies, at riverbanks and embankment stabilisations
  • Flood impact analyses
  • Planning services for all stages according to HOAI (fees for architectural and engineering services in Germany)
  • Flood control concepts
  • Planning of stormwater retention facilities (stormwater retention basins, stormwater infiltration facilities)
  • Water body restoration and renaturation
  • Development of flood control concepts
  • Project management services
  • On-site construction supervision and site management


  • AutoCAD / Civil-3D
  • Card-1
  • Arriba