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Hydrogeological Modelling

Our specialists in hydrogeological modelling develop future scenarios and simulations of groundwater flow and solute transport as a basis for planning your water management and geotechnical projects and for optimising your remediation projects. We investigate and analyse processes in the saturated and partially saturated zone, taking chemical and thermal interactions into account.


Our Services
  • Development of the geological 3D models as a basis for the numerical hydrogeological models
  • Development, parameterisation and calibration of hydrogeological subsurface models and implementation of scenario calculations
  • Implementation of solute transport modelling taking into account geochemical interactions and including PHREEQC
  • Simulation of flow and transport in the partially saturated zone
  • Water balance modelling
  • Rainfall-runoff modelling
  • Simulation of open and closed near-surface geothermal systems
  • Numerical simulation of deep geothermal processes


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