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Investigating Contaminated Sites

An early investigation of contaminated sites creates certainty in the evaluation and implementation of remediation projects. G.E.O.S. is at your service during the various phases of the investigation of contaminated sites. We undertake the assessment and expert appraisal of contaminated landfills and sites and plan your remediation projects. In addition, we monitor the progress of your project to ensure its ultimate success.


Our Services
  • Recording of suspicious cases and formal initial assessments of potentially contaminated sites (PCS) or contaminated landfills
  • Preliminary investigation and risk assessment for the affected objects, identification of risk transmission pathways
  • Detailed investigation
  • Monitoring of contaminated sites
  • Investigation of remediation possible
  • Remediation planning and monitoring
  • Technical support of remediation measures
  • Remediation follow-up


  • ArcGIS
  • GeODIN
  • AutoCAD
  • GW-Base