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Laboratories for process development

Our process development division has well-equipped laboratories. The laboratories and the knowledge of our specialists facilitate the support of your projects in the fields of water and raw material treatment with experimental validation of material-specific parameters and high-quality process planning and to offer you tailor-made solutions.

We are also available to you as a competent partner in the field of environmental microbiology. You are welcome to contact us regarding your specific problem!


Our Expertise

Microbiology, Biotechnology

  • Microorganism cultivation and identification (aerobic, anaerobic)
  • Determination of the metabolic performance of microorganisms (bacteria of the sulphur, iron, manganese, nitrogen, methane cycle, etc.)
  • Molecular genetic studies of the environment
  • Bioleaching, sulphate reduction of various primary and secondary raw materials
  • Use of various substrates for biogas production
  • Investigations in reactor sizes from 100 ml shaking flasks to 100 litre bioreactors
  • Downstream processing of biotechnologically derived products through a wide range of options for the conditioning of solids and liquids in the chemical-physical laboratory

Hydrometallurgy and water treatment

  • Fractionated precipitation and sedimentation
  • Chemical leaching
  • Liquid-liquid extraction
  • Adsorption and ion exchange processes
  • Membrane filtration (micro-, ultra-, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis)
  • Semi-industrial scale investigations possible


  • Mechanical comminution in crushers and mills
  • Mechanical sorting (sieving, shaking table) and sample separation
  • Density separation, flotation, magnetic separation


Special Equipment/Capacities
  • Laboratory and pilot plants