Land use planning

Land use planning aspects play a major role in the planning of large construction projects, in infrastructure development and in mine planning.

In the run-up to projects, land use impact assessments must be carried out within the framework of urban and regional planning procedures. This involves checking whether a project is compatible with the requirements of spatial planning or how geographically significant projects can be coordinated with each other. This is usually done on the basis of the respective Land development plans or regional plans. In the case of building projects in accordance with the German Building Code (BauGB), the legal requirements for approval must be met by drawing up a preliminary urban land use plan or a legally binding urban land-use plans (development plans).

We support you with our know-how in the preparation of the necessary documents and supervise the required procedures. If regional planning objectives conflict with a project or if it is necessary to deviate from regional planning objectives, target deviation procedures must be carried out. We are also happy to support you with this.


Our Services
  • Development of land use plans
  • Preparation of development plans
  • Supervision of regional planning procedures and target deviation procedures

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